Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Action of vinegar on the shell egg

Materials - 1 egg -200 Ml vinegar (acetic acid) -1 Bol The working Put the eggs in vinegar in bol, after which the liquid drop in 24 hours Observations After several hours we see how the shell egg is inmoaie Later Note how the shell away from the egg, floating on the surface of liquid Finally, the remaining egg shell burst, reaching in egg yolk vinegar Explanation phenomenon that occurred Vinegar, a food, is an acid that acts on calcium carbonate from egg shell. Because decomposing shell egg is back, finally arriving in egg yolk vinegar.

Georgiana P, Alexandra T, Dana P, RalucaR

Scoala Gimnaziala "Gheorghe Lazar" Zalau, Romania

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Anonymous said...

The 4 girls we were impressed by the seriousness of giving evidence and beauty experimentului.We will try to put us in practice this experiment!