Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Vulcan Chemical

To build it you need: 100 g-flour, 5 tablespoons aracet-50-g salt, 6 newspapers. 1.Mai first newspapers to break in pieces and then put them in a bucket 2.Puneti water from newspapers to fill the dish and a towel covering them. 3.Le left soaking in a night. 4.Pe boards of a size of A3 sheets paste a bottle. 500ml cut at the top. 5.a day they stoarceti water and make a composition that will stick. 6 After composition, begin to build up near the glass ii dati a suitable form.

Hudin Horatiu; Margin Horea ;Trestian Vlad;Negrea Sebastian;Margin Ionut

Scoala Gimnaziala "Gheorghe Lazar" , Zalau,Romania


Anonymous said...

This experiment is very complex, requiring the construction of the volcano has long patience and skill, the things which gave evidence of these talented children.
We will try us.

Anonymous said...

At the view of the experiment we were very pleasantly impressed by the teamwork. We can say that the teamwork is the motto of the school "Gh. Lazar", a real team together. Including us we will make this experiment to.
Name:Pop Lavinia
Campean Aurelia
Festeu Cristina