Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oxidation of apples

Materials: An apple A lamiae A transparent foil Ice Four plates
Working mode: Cut four pieces of apples. In each plate by putting a piece of apple. During the first plate put a simple piece of March In the second plate put a piece of March infoliata In the third plate put another piece of March over the add lemon juice In the last dish put a piece of ice in March Shot in ten in ten minutes, and at last, after thirty minutes are stage four pieces of apples.
Observations: After each 10-minute video and I noticed that the apples are oxidised gradually, Whether the materials used. After thirty minutes I noticed that the piece of oxidised Tuesday is simple.
Explanation phenomenon that took place:Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs Marului contact with oxygen in the air. In our experiment can be seen easily as color becomes more closed to supraafata contact. Apples oxidation can be delayed with ice and a transparent foil so that the apples do not come into contact with oxygen. Another method to retard oxidation is to add a little lemon juice. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. Therefore in many restaurants salatele fruit containing a little lemon juice to help not rust.
Conclusions: For this experiment we concluded that apples should be cut not left much time in direct contact with oxygen (02).

Puscas Lavinia , BoraDan , Marincas Matei ,Breje Georgeta , Pah Dana, Pop Giorgiana, Rus Raluca, Turcas AlexandraScoala Gimnaziala Gheorghe Lazar", Zalau, Romania


Anonymous said...

Pe masura ce timpul trece,marul intra in contact direct cu oxigenul.Cele patru bucati de mere se oxideaza diferit datorita modului in care sunt combinate cu alte materiale.Este un experiment interesant ce necesita timp si pregatire,il vom incerca si noi acasa. Liana, Larisa si Carmen

Anonymous said...

While time passes,the apple is entering in direct contact with the oxigen.The 4 pieces of apples are oxidating different because they are combined with different materials.The experiment is very interesting,we will try it ourselvs at home. Liana,Larisa and Carmen.

Víctor said...

I like apples