Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A ball that floats

Materials: To make our experiment we need a light ball ping-pong and a hairdryer. Uscătorul start and leave the ball in the air. Depending on the weight of the ball remains suspended it closer or further away from dryer.
Explanation phenomenon that took place: The explanation seems simple experiment. Upward flow of air from the dryer generates a pressure force which compensates the weight of the ball. This allows the ball float in the air.
The speed of air leaving the dryer increases in the central and lower edges. In regions where the air is moving with greater speed and low pressure, and regions where the air has a lower speed is high pressure. When the ball is moved slightly from the central part of the current, generates a difference in pressure pushes the ball back to the center of power.

Bora Dan, Puscas Lavinia, Marincas Matei, Breje Georgeta

Scoala Gimnaziala "Gheorghe Lazar", Zalau, Romania

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