Saturday, 25 April 2009

The extintor


- Sodium bicarbonate.

- Vinegar.

- A glass.


- A candle

Frame up:

Put inside a glass a little of vinegar ( three or four centimetres)
Add a little sodium bicarbonate. Then many bubbles appear.
Light a candle with a match. If you tilt the glass without spilling vinegar, we see that the candle puts out.


The chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and acid vinegar producers a gas called Carbon Dioxide. This gas is heavier than the air and it stays in the glass by moving the air in the glass.
When you put the candle next to glass it´s turned off by the lack of oxygen. When you tilt the glass, it´s put out because the carbon dioxide, displace the oxygen that retain the combustion.

by José Ángel and Miguel


Elena(RO) said...

this is very nice:)....keep going on;)

Anonymous said...

A very good experiment. Congratulations

jose angel ayala said...

hello, i am one of the boys of the experiment. thank you for your comments

Anonymous said...

thank you elena!! I´m the other boy of the experiment!!you ara very nice too!!

patricia said...

the explanations are great.
congratulations. :)