Friday, 20 March 2009

The descomposition of oxigenated water


- Oxigenated water
- Blood
- Some matches
- A glass

To realice our experiment we need oxygenated water (of sale in drugstores) and a few milliliters of blood. If we defrost a piece of meat in a plate, we can obtain sufficient blood to realize our experiment.

We add blood to a glass with oxygenated water and see that a chemical reaction takes place with gass emission that forms a white foam. The oxygenated water descomposes, due to blood, in water and gaseous oxygen (that forms the white foam). We can recognize the oxygen if we bring a match over.

You can see that the sparkles of light take place due to the combustion of the oxygen caught in the white foam.

The oxygenated water is used as disinfectatn when it begins on a wound. The blood contains one enzyme that acts as a catalyst, accelerating the reaction descomposition of the oxygenated water. As many of the pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic (they can´t live with oxygen), they die in the white foam (rich in oxygen) that takes place when the blood of the wound acts on the oxygenated water.


Anonymous said...

That's a great video.Keep up the good work.

Alex S. said...

very interesting experiment ,congratulations.

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i like very much your experiment8->
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Carmen P said...

great experiment, really