Saturday, 9 May 2009

Union doesn’t make strength

The materials we need to do the experiments are a balloon and drawing pins.

First you have to push the balloon against twenty drawing pins and make sure they don't explode. The strength exerted has distributed on all the drawing pins so there isn’t sufficient pressure to explode the balloon.

The effect of strength doesn't depend only on its intensity, but also on the surface on which exerts. If the surface is very large, the effect of the strength will be spread over it all.

Next, push the balloon against one drawing pin and notice if it explodes. In this case, all the strength mass and pressure at a very specific point makes the drawing pins go through the balloon and explode.If on the contrary, the surface is small, the intensity of the strength mass over it is stronger and its distorted effect increases.

by Lourdes and Blanca


Marta said...

It's really interesting to see how the balloon doesn't explode when you push it against a lot of drawing pins. It's incredible!!!
Physics it's great!! See you in the class!!

Andrew said...

The experiment is verry incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

Adelaida said...
Your experiment is quite interesting. Was it difficult for you to translate it into English? Perhaps your English teacher helped you a little.

adelaida said...

It´s an EXTRA experimente, you must be extra students too. It´s a joke. It´s quite interested and well done. Congratulations.