Thursday, 21 May 2009

Another balance with two forks a toothpick and fire

To make our experiment we need a pair of forks, a toothpick, a glass and a match.

First, we have to intertwine the forks with the toothpick and leave them in balance at the edge of the glass. The balance is obtained because the centre of the gravity is under the support point.

What would happen if we burnt the edge of the toothpick that is inside the glass?

A part of the toothpick is burnt, but the flame is put out when it’s at the edge of the glass and the balance of the forks is kept.

The loss of volume of the toothpick that is burnt, doesn’t affect to the centre of the gravity

by Teresa and Ángela


Anonymous said...

A very interesting experiment. The explanation is clear. It is surprising to stay in balance

Elena said...

I will surely try this at home

Mario said...

Cool experiment.

Anka said...

It looks very interesting...I'll try it too!

Madalina S said...

nice work!very clear explanation

ralu said...

the experiment is really nice!
I will try it at home.

patricia said...

that's what i wanted to say too.
it is nice that you explain clearly what happens.
altough i've seen it before, it isalways interesting to see such things.
science magic. :D

Denise D said...

Nice experiment. I did it with some of my classmates. :)

Carmen P said...

I think it`s preety hard to find the center of the gravity of the two forks, it took me about 15 minutes.