Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Colored Smoke

Materials used (to smoke one): - 8g K (NO3) - 6G sugar- 3g of food coloring, powder (use more colors) - 1.5 g of sodium bicarbonate - Source of heat (gas, electric furnace, etc.). - Container for mixing ingredients, resistant to high temperatures, metal (pan, vessel of metal, etc.). - A spoon (or something for. Mixed metal) - Small cardboard tube (diameter approx. 1.25 cm and 2 cm) and a switch to plastic - Lint (from fireworks, ca. 2.5 cm) - Little plastelină

Method of preparation: - Mix the following ingredients: -K (NO3), sugar, color and bicarbonated sodium - The substance is produced in a pan - Put the pan into the fire, and mix until the substance becomes omogenizează as peanut butter (be careful not to become too dark in color) - The substance is obtained with the spoon and put in the cardboard tube in the middle of his stick, until about the middle height tube, beţişorul plastic and leave it so until the mixture strengthens after strengthening to remove, carefully beţişorul - In the hole left by the switch fuse is inserted and in addition it put plastelină the cardboard tube removed, using a knife, with great care * smoke obtained is placed on a heat resistant material * light the fuse and see a spectacular game of colors and lights WARNING: during the whole experiment will wear protective equipment and heating the ingredients will not be made in cash or in any room!

Bode Bianca , Lascu Iulia , Gudea Casian

Scoala Gimnaziala "Gheorghe Lazar" Zalau, Romania


Cynthia said...

This is really amazing :)

Mercedes S said...

Wow! It's impressive! A bit dangerous, but cool. Greetings from Spain!

Anonymous said...

Our posters bought commercial smoke bombs and took the outer casings off. They did not mix or produce anything you are seeing here.

If you note, most of them 'burn' instead of smoke. That's because the outer casing is needed to keep too much oxygen from rushing to the ignition.